Balance Between Nature & Humans

On November 3, 2012, in General, by Jaime Moreno

The Stacking Of Stones

Even though stones are material things, they’re different in nature and belong to nature.
They have a connection to the natural world and the universe.Indeed,
the human mind & spirit has grown weaker,
and the stacking of stones,is just another desperate attempt
to escape the domination and find this connection.

According to the development of scientific civilization,
the human spirit,which should make use of material things,
grows weaker, while material things, which should be used by human beings,
increasingly flourish and assert their domination over the enfeebled human mind & spirit.
Thus, human beings find themselves chained to the servitude of materialism.
How then, can they expect a life free from suffering and trouble?

Photography By Jaime


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