La Trinacria

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The Trinacria is a symbol for the millenia – one which has taken root and has become a passionate Sicilian tradition. It derives from the archaic Triskele,that is that strange figure composed of a head of woman from which three human legs are folded at the knee – of Sicily, the notion of the geographic triangular shape of the island finds one of symbolic depiction of the monster with three legs, trìquetra (to three apexes or triangular). In fact, its particular geographic configuration, characterized from three capes, Pachino, Peloro and Lilibeo, are very well adapted to that figure to which the Romans imposed the same overall name for the Island. Perhaps from this configuration to the three apexes, the name Triquetra or Trinacria was given in the Hellenistic Age. That strange and characteristic representation at the same time, was of the Gorgon-like figure of three legs, and was even adopted in some coins of classic antiquity, and become the official symbol of the island. Philology supports that this last denomination is improper, while it is contended more that in Greek the Triskéles, is translatable into ” three legs “.

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